2017 Quarter Two Achievement Awards

We recently had our all-staff quarterly alignment meeting where we talked business. We reviewed specific measurables from the previous quarter, set goals, and discussed future plans. Also as part of this meeting, we recognize team members who went above and beyond the previous quarter.  

Nominated by their co-workers and selected by the leadership team, please join us in recognizing these awesome team members!

Hwy 75 Award: Neil Bittner

Remember last quarter when we said that we thought Neil could do anything? Well, that still remains true. Neil once again achieved the Hwy 75 award last quarter. The Hwy 75 award is presented each quarter to the most efficient team member based on billable hours and time to completion.  

Team Award: The Content Team

The content team here at CWS is responsible for content strategy and creation for both internal projects and for clients. Last quarter we set some lofty goals to increase content output by nearly 60% and this team smashed those goals out of the park. They’ve done a terrific job of managing new processes and standards.

Team Member of the Quarter: Justin McGinnis

Justin is a programmer at CWS and continues to make us proud. He continually produces quality work and goes above and beyond for each project. Clients tell us constantly how much they enjoy working with Justin and how much they appreciate his dedication.

Again, congratulations to the recipients of the CWS quarterly awards!