Double Your Leads With These SaaS Marketing Tips

You need a healthy supply of leads to keep new customers signing up for your SaaS product. Without a strong lead generation strategy, your user base churns itself away and your revenue dips well below your goals. Use these SaaS marketing tips to double your current lead generation efforts and fill up your pipeline.

Expand Into New Channels

You might hit a wall on your current promotional channels and have your lead generation rates plateau. Don't get frustrated by trying to grow an audience that reaches its logistical limit. Keep your eyes open for other channels that offer a fresh audience you haven't tapped into before. Sometimes this tactic means getting established on another social media platform, and other times it requires moving into a complementary market.

Develop Lead Magnets for Your Mailing List

Are you giving the proper incentive for people to sign up for your mailing list? They aren't going to do it out of the goodness of their own hearts. Give them a lead magnet that attracts them to your sign-up forms. Ebooks, ultimate guides, swipe files, infographics and checklists are a few ways to encourage your visitors to hand over their emails. You can create landing pages for all of your lead magnets and promote these offers through social media, or use remarketing ads to move previous visitors through the sales funnel.
This is a great blog post to get started with creating the ultimate lead magnet.

Put Content Upgrades in Place

Every blog post and article can act as a lead generator, but you need a compelling reason for a person to go from a reader to a lead. Look through your existing lead magnets or use the post content to create a relevant offer that you can add to the page. For example, if you talk about creating a template for a particular process, you can provide premade ones as a download. Even a simple PDF version of your blog post or article can be enough to get someone to opt-in.
While you're going back through your previous posts and articles, see if you can freshen any of them up, so they regain relevancy. You already did most of the work involved in writing the content, so it makes sense to get the most out of it.

Use Multiple Opt-in Forms

You don't have to worry about web design police telling you that you can't have more than one opt-in form on your website. Create contextually appropriate forms and put them in places that make the most sense. Blog sidebars, exit intent behavior, and a footer sign up are all easy places to fit an opt-in form.

Create Guest Posts

Get fresh eyes on your SaaS product by putting yourself out there through guest posts. You leverage a well-established and reputable website to attract attention from a fresh audience. While this approach may not be as targeted as other marketing tactics, you may end up discovering an unexpected source for customers by moving into adjacent markets. You also build a relationship with these influencers, which works out well for distributing your on-site content as well.
Your lead generation efforts are just as important as your SaaS development time. Put these strategies in place so you have a steady stream of interested users entering the marketing funnel. A consistent plan helps you increase your sources of revenue and build a growing user base.

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