SEO Solutions: Increase Blog Traffic With Long Tail Keywords

When creating content for your website, publishing advertisements on platforms like Google AdWords, or writing a new blog post, it is vitally important that you keep keywords in mind. But just telling you to keep keywords in mind isn't enough, so we're going to go into detail on exactly what kinds of keywords you should target.

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Don't worry about Don; most people don't even understand what long tail keywords even are. Here is a quick definition:

Long tail keywords are a type of keyword phrase that has at least three, and some times as many as five words in the phrase. Long tail keywords are used when the website wants to refine search terms to the web page, as well as when the searcher is looking for something specific. They can help increase blog traffic.

What is the real impact of long tail keywords? This recent infographic from HitTail helps explain how important important they really are. These seo solutions can increase blog traffic. Find this information valuable check out our 3 SEO Lies You Still Believe.

SEO Solutions | Increase Blog Traffic | Long Tail Keywords Infographic

Source: HitTail

3 Important Long Tail Keyword Statistics:

  • They make up as much as 70% of all search traffic.
  • Pages optimized for long tail keywords move up 11 positions on average (compared to 5 positions for head keywords).
  • Conversion rates are 2.5 times higher than for head keywords.

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