How to get Your SaaS Marketing Strategy to Work for You

Putting together a SaaS marketing strategy is much different than a standard product. You want your users to become highly engaged and vocal advocates for your service so that you can fuel your company's growth. Use these tips to get your SaaS marketing plan to work for you. 

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Bring in the Right Leads

Your SaaS solution solves the problems of a particular audience, so you shouldn't try to spread your marketing net as wide as possible. Instead, you adopt a narrow focus entirely on your ideal customers. You want to cut out any marketing messages or material that doesn't speak to this subset of buyers.

Get as specific as you can. Does your SaaS solution fix a major problem for accountants at four-year colleges? How about middle managers working with business development teams?

Once you have a crystal clear idea of your end user, start building up your inbound marketing so you can attract them to your landing pages and website. Create content that delivers value and offers useful information without turning them into sales pitches, participate in discussions at online communities they frequent and engage with your audience on social media.

Get Your App or Software to Sell Itself

Once you have a steady stream of leads attracted by your useful content and growing reputation in your market, it's time to get your app or software to sell itself. Your primary goal with this part of the SaaS marketing strategy is making sure that you can scale your marketing rather than relying on your staff to take each prospect through the sales funnel.

Most SaaS companies use guided demos, free trials or freemium accounts to show off their software to potential users. You need to grab your buyer's attention and quickly get them up to speed on how your SaaS product is perfect for their needs. Use in-app resources to automatically guide them through each feature and explain how to perform common functions.

Help resources should only be a click away, and your app should offer these proactively to users running into roadblocks. Your customer success team should be ready to back up these automated processes when necessary, but they don't need to shoulder the entire burden of conversion and retention.

How Your Host Can Help Optimize the Marketing Strategy

Don't forget about the role that your SaaS software host plays in your marketing strategy. They most likely work with other SaaS companies, giving them an excellent perspective on the techniques that could work well for your business. Your host may even offer marketing resources, such as guides and courses, intended to help SaaS companies bring in more users.

After all, when you're successful, you need higher capacity from your host, so it's in their best interest to make sure that you're well positioned for rapid growth. You can also coordinate with your software host to account for high demand periods, such as after a major marketing campaign. You ensure that any new signups enjoy a flawless user experience, rather than facing a page that doesn't load or features that keep crashing.

Are you ready to get the most out of your SaaS marketing strategy? These three tips will put you in an excellent position to start growing your user base and making sure that you're able to scale with your success.

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