5 Reasons Why User Experience Matters

User experience or UX is a simple oversight that can cost your enterprise big bucks. With poor UX, you can easily miss the opportunity to nurture prospects, build a loyal audience and convert users into paying customers. Yet UX is the foundation of your site and essential for success for your app. Here's why:

1. It'll help you Differentiate Your Brand

When you implement good UX, you can stand out and helps users to easily recognize your brand. Differentiating your brand is vital especially since customer experience will be more important than product or price by the year 2020. Great UX is made up of elements that help you build trust among your users who can expect that your site work and delivers what they need.

There are several elements of a website or app that improve user experience. Having the optimal UX involves mapping out each of these elements to enhance the user experience. Great UX can be characterized by the following elements:


  • Adaptability. You should incorporate responsive design so that your site functions properly regardless of the device your audience uses.
  • Design. Attention-grabbing design is essential for keeping your audience engaged. Streamline your design so it's aesthetically-pleasing rather than distracting.
  • Functionality. Whether it's a button or a link, every element on your site should work and have a purpose that makes sense to
  • Navigation. Great UX facilitates site navigation that helps users easily find what they are looking for rather than having to click multiple links or search endlessly.
  • Usability. Your site's structure should be catered to your user's needs long before they even know they need something.
  • Value. Your website design should clearly communicate the value of the service of product.


2. Great UX Fosters User Retention

If you want your users coming back for more, then consider implementing great UX strategies. Great UX can have a positive impact on customer loyalty. Even making minor UX improvements can lead to an enhanced customer experience. When you create a site that's user-centric, reliable, and providing value for your audience, you help foster trust and reliability to keep your audience returning for more.

3. It's Cost-Effective

IT and design budgets are often constrained. But these limitations can easily be avoided when implementing good UX strategies. In fact, correcting poor UX problems from the start can translate to a return of $10 to $100 for every dollar you invested in UX.

4. It Keeps Your Audience on Your Site (and App) Longer

If you're looking for a product on the site but can't find it, chances are you're not going to stick around very long before considering going to another website to find what you need. This is the result of poor UX design. If it's too challenging to navigate a site, then your audience will flock to the competition to find what they need. The same is true for poorly designed apps that are difficult to use. But with good UX, you can improve bounce rates and keep users on your site or app longer. Thus, it's key to have UX that helps you reduce bounce rates and keep your users on the site longer.

5. It'll Help Your Conversion Rates

To make sales happen online or via your app, you have to have your UX down pat. That's because if your site is hard for users to navigate or find what they want, it reduces their chances of going down the sales funnel from browsing to being a paying customer. But with good UX, you can improve your conversion rates, and when you improve your conversion rates, you can enhance your revenue and profits.

Final Thoughts

From brand awareness to cultivating customer loyalty, good UX matters. By implementing functional UX, you can facilitate trust and reliability among your users and improve your bottom-line.

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