2018 Q2 Alignment Meeting and Award Winners

The CWS 2018 Q2 Alignment Meeting happened on Tuesday, July 11th. The big meeting kicked off with some delicious pizza and a rousing game of team trivia (luckily, none of us are very competitive). Then, we delved into the details that made this quarter unique.

This year, quarter two was a time of evaluation and redefinition. Processes were reviewed and revised, and major life events took place for many of us. Our quarterly Alignment Meeting was a time to reflect on our team's performance, as well as on what really matters in life.

A few other aspects of Q2 that were recognized were the achievements of four outstanding CWS team members.

Nana Agyapong received the "Steppin' Up" award for putting forth considerable time, effort, and creativity as Junior Project Manager in Q2.

Joe Milbach earned the "Highway 75" award for working on the most billable hours out of any employee this quarter.

Jonny Yucuis received the "On Fire" award for taking on a sizable amount of extra projects and doing a bang-up job on all of them. (However, we're glad Alex is back from maternity leave.)

And last but not least, the 2018 Q2 Employee of the Quarter award went to Sam Malone. This quarter, Sam single-handedly trained all employees on security compliance to ensure that our systems and our clients' systems are as secure as possible.

Alignment meeting award winners

L to R: Sam, Nana, Jonny, and Joe.

Now, let's have a phenomenal quarter three!