2019 Q2 Alignment Meeting & Awards

"How do you think we did?" This is the question asked by Chief Happiness Officer, Alan De Keyrel at every CWS, Inc. alignment meeting. On a quarterly basis, the entire team gathers at home base to discuss the previous quarter performance and create new goals for the upcoming quarter.  After dominating our goals in Q1, the team was anxious to see how well (or poor) we did since last meeting. And the results are in!

We fell short of our financial goals - and that's okay! Last alignment, the challenge put forward to our team was quite ambitious. So although we didn't hit our ideal numbers, it was great to see CWS, Inc. holding strong. But our financials were not the highlight of the meeting (and it wasn't the award segment either). Rather, the breakout session was the favorite by an overwhelming consensus. Our team broke out into smaller groups to brainstorm real company questions determined by the leadership team. We discussed topics such as revenue generation, leadership, and overall brand direction. Most importantly,  everyone had a say. The creativity and genius sparked from these sessions were truly inspiring and fun. Talk about a productive alignment meeting!

Let's not forget about our award winners for Q2:

Eric Reynolds  received a custom-made award called the  "Jack of All Trades Award." Eric showed mastery over a  wide variety of skills including programming, user interface design, tech support, and photography, to name a few. 

Finally, Alex Slack received the Employee of the Quarter for tackling her new responsibilities as a strategist and ad manager, while still maintaining her position as project manager and copy editor. 

Congratulations to Eric and Alex!


Q3, here we come! The CWS, Inc. team is ready to crush our goals!

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