2019 Q3 Alignment Meeting & Awards

As the cool autumn winds replaced the warmer weather of summer, the entire CWS team gathered once again for the much-anticipated quarterly alignment meeting. Lead by Chief Happiness Officer Alan De Keyrel, the team reviewed the Q3 reports, reflected upon their goals and progress made, and looked to the future for exciting things to come. 

After a nail-biting end to the warmup trivia game, everyone was ready to dive in and examine how the company measured up to the previous quarter. While we fell a bit short of our financial goals, leadership offered the team excellent feedback and insight, along with plenty of inspiration for a strong Q4. Following the deep-dive into the numbers, we took a look at some forecasting and trend reports that displayed a lot of great potential. Achieving the goals we have set will take a lot of work, but the presentation and discussion were energizing for all!

Throughout Q3, CWS, Inc. made some exciting changes and investments for the future, including hiring and training three new team members! The Q3 alignment meeting was the first of its kind for Business Development Representative Ricky Cheak, Product Specialist Joe Hansen, and Communications Strategist Logan Johnson. 

And now, the award winners for Q3:

Neil Bittner received the Programming Guru award for being a vital part of CWS programming team. Throughout the quarter, Neil demonstrated his mastery of code by being a key player in our larger programming projects.

John McMahon received the Remote King award for his consistent excellence and outstanding communication while working out of the office. John has been an invaluable asset to the team in Q3 by seamlessly leading meetings and managing projects off-site.

And finally, Justin McGinnis received the highly-contested Employee of the Quarter award for all his stellar work on our complex CME software. His client support, attention to detail, and quick completion of tasks definitely earned him the title of Employee of the Quarter in Q3.  

Congratulations to Neil, John, and Justin!


We're looking forward to an even more productive quarter 4!


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