How to increase your conversion rates with five techniques

Conversion requires extraordinary effort on your part. Did you know that 96 percent of visitors are not ready to buy your product or service when they get to your homepage? Here are five tips to increase your conversion rate.

1. Keep customers engaged

Provide your customers with new, interesting content that is relevant to them and their lives. If you can identify any attributes about your audience, such as age, gender or cultural background, use a style that speaks to them. Include content that makes them feel acknowledged and appreciated. Speak in a positive and helpful tone. Use quality images and fonts in sizes and styles they can read. All of these factors will increase your customers’ interest in returning to your site to engage with you, both on a passive and an active level.

2. Make research-based enhancements

A/B testing, eye-tracking software, change the color of certain buttons so that they stand out more, track visitors’ IP addresses or information that they have already provided to populate fields, check your keyword density for SEO purposes, and add a secondary conversion goal that visitors have suggested they will achieve. Doing your research by tracking multiple page elements and using what information you already have allows you to invest wisely when you make changes. Increasing the number of people who sign up for newsletters or make a second purchase will increase your conversion rate. 

3. Get better search rankings

Google measures your website content for freshness. Websites that have been stale for some time will see declines in search rankings. For example, if you offer marketing services in a growing urban area but haven't updated your site in a year, you risk letting a competitor rank higher. Make sure you include phrases and keywords that customers are using. This will mean more traffic, and a likely increase in your conversion rate.

4. Improve quality leads

This technique requires doing your homework. Do the research or hire someone to do it, so you know what customers will want to buy from you. This may involve engaging in email marketing with regular page visitors and customers. You want a high number of repeat customers, not an occasional spike in the number of visitors. This tip is particularly important for repeat customers who are interested in large, diverse orders. The better you understand your customers’ tastes, the more you will be able to provide them with a range of options, a bevy of related purchases, and multiple incentives to buy.

5. Continually improve conversion techniques

Refine and find new methods to increase your conversion rate. This is always somewhat of an experiment. Look to design updates that attract new audiences for longer periods of time. Ideas include adding testimonials, polishing up language, including videos and social media updates, and installing a “chat now” button, and more. 

How to Win With Continuous Site Updates

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