eCMS vs. WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) out there and is used by millions of people. Unfortunately, that popularity has also made WordPress one of the most vulnerable systems. Many people who use WordPress get hacked at some point and will have to deal with the nightmare that is WordPress security.

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Is there a solution? Yes, but the most common solutions involve adding plugins that only partially help protect your site. Because WordPress is open source software, everyone has access to the code upon which the platform is built. Those with nefarious intentions can easily design new ways to hack into the site of anyone that uses WordPress. Security plugins do not provide complete protection; they only make it a bit more difficult to hack into your site.

The best solution is to find a WordPress alternative and stop using WordPress altogether. One CMS alternative is eCMS, a secure content management system custom-developed by CWS.

I interviewed both the development team that wrote eCMS and the web development team that uses it every day to find out if eCMS is a good alternative to WordPress.

Is eCMS really more secure than WordPress? Can't people hack into it just like they do with WordPress?

The eCMS is more secure than WordPress because we don't allow outside developers to work with the system. This allows us to keep the code under strict controls and easily review for security issues.

Also, we don't have third-party plugins, so we stand behind the code that's involved. With WordPress, once you start adding plugins, you can't guarantee that those plugins are up to snuff. Sometimes even one plugin can bring your entire site down.

The biggest difference is that there are currently about 74,652,825 people using WordPress. Hackers target WordPress because if there's a vulnerability that they can exploit, they can do it to thousands of sites.

Is eCMS more difficult to use than WordPress?

No. Most people find it easier than WordPress as there are less options that the user can get lost in. There are fewer steps and customization options. We also provide extensive training and support.

We develop eCMS sites for our clients based on conversations where we learn what areas you want to be able to update. We can then lock things down a bit more to make sure it's easy for you to update without fear of breaking the site.

How robust is the user support for eCMS?

Our user support is very robust. You receive training by CWS staff, plus we have a full, online library of documents to help with general questions. Email and phone support are both available. We also have an entire YouTube playlist that walks you through all of the basics of the eCMS.

Is eCMS updated frequently? Do I have to download a new version for each update?

Yes, we continually work on new features and bug updates. Because all eCMS updates are handled on the server side, there's nothing for you to update on your end. It’s simple and seamless.

Does eCMS have cool plugins like WordPress?

Yes, and they are all built by our development team to they maintain tight security. Our plugins include galleries, calendars, listing tools, and others. We also utilize the existing database structure to build the content the way you need it. Any utility that might be provided by a WordPress plugin can be built into your eCMS website.

Do I have to find my own hosting solution for eCMS like I do for WordPress?

No, all hosting of the eCMS is provided by CWS. We have our own secure server system, which includes off-site backups in a tornado and flood-proof facility. We have dedicated onsite staff who continuously monitor our system and ensure the highest level of security and speed. We even provide HIPAA-compliance.

How difficult is it to export my data if I want to move my website from eCMS to another platform?

It is very easy. Your website can be exported, in most cases, by a click of a button to static HTML files. These files can then be used on any website.

Does eCMS help me with SEO in any way?

The eCMS is built to be very SEO friendly. We provide placement of meta-tags, such as meta title, meta description, etc. We also provide proper HTML structure, which is also important for SEO. You can also easily update your website content, which is a huge factor for proper SEO.

Are there plans to replace eCMS with another CMS system?

We are working on eCMS+, but we are not replacing the current eCMS. eCMS+ will be an even better user experience with more backups to enable reverting to multiple previous versions, similar to Google Docs. You'll also have an easier time creating new pages for content and changing between layout styles.


eCMS is our solution to providing the best content management system and solving the issue of WordPress vulnerability and security issues.

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