Confirmed: Update to Google AdWords Pushed Live

A few weeks ago, Google advertisers were shocked to learn about a change to how Google ads dramatic new look to desktop search.

Google confirmed with advertisers that they have been testing the way users search on both mobile and desktop. The biggest change that you will see roll out is no more ads on the right-hand column and less search results per page.

We’ve seen a variety of changes in the look of Google search on both mobile and desktop. If you remember, 2010 is when we first started seeing ads on the top of each search query and now the last few weeks we have started to seeing only 4 ads on the top of each page.

What are the changes we are expecting to see with this most recent change?
Here is what we know:

  • We will no longer see ads hosted on the right hand side of desktop search pages
  • The number of ads we see per page will drop from as many as 11 down to 7
  • The 4 ads we see on the top of each search query will be reserved for “highly commercial queries” like local restaurants in Rochester, MN or Inbound Marketing Services in Phoenix, AZ
  • There will be an additional 3 ads at the bottom of each search page
  • Product listing ads and knowledge panels will take control over the right side of the Google search page

What will the changes on Google search look like?

Here is a quick look at a recent search of ours:

What is going to change for Google Advertisers

We’ve heard everyone screaming, “Does this mean advertising on Google will cost more money?” Our quick answer is, “Not yet.” While you may see a drop in position or a bit of higher competition in the market, it is still too early to tell if advertising will cost more to capture desktop searchers because of this new change.

CWS is dedicated to finding these facts and seeing if the cost of capturing will increase or stay consistent with the current costs. We will keep an eye on this story as more news is released in the coming weeks, and we’ll keep you up-to-date on statistics as they roll in.New Call-to-action