Facebook Updates Layout for Business Pages

Within the next few weeks Facebook will be rolling out a new layout for business pages. The goal for this redesign is to make it easier for businesses and fans to find the key information they need about a business...Focusing the page as more of a storefront rather than a bulletin board.

Header Updates

Facebook Header Update

The first thing you may notice is that the title of the business page, as well as the page category, is now actually on the cover photo. The page navigation has been simplified to just a few buttons: Timeline, About, Photos, and Videos.

Pro-Tip: If you have a white or lighter cover photo make sure to change it before your page updates, or your page title will be hard for users to see/read.

New Timeline Style

What makes the new page more “storefront-like” is the easy to find information about the business. The left side column of your page will be completely dedicated to the “About” section of the page; store hours, website URL, and contact information.

Below that section, larger images will be prominent for Facebook tabs, photos, and videos.


The right side of the timeline will feature all posts by the page, keeping a consistent post order and reducing user’s confusion on which post is most current.



Simplified Admin Tools

The new design will feature clear, large buttons to your page, activity, insights, and settings that are visible on every page you visit. You’ll be able to view how ads appear on your page, how many people you have reached, number of new likes, and any unread notifications.


If you have any questions about the Facebook redesign you can visit Facebook’s FAQ here.