Uptime Status Portal

CWS is pleased to announce our new uptime “Status Portal”. This website is a useful tool for virtual hosting customers as to the status of all of the services we offer. For example, have you ever wondered if your current email problem is on CWS’ end or your cable providers? Now you can check the status of your services(s) at http://status.cws.net. If you are unsure which server(s) your website and email is on, just ask us via our live chat.

In addition, the CWS Status Portal also includes a handy link to our Twitter-based CWS Alerts (@cwsalerts) account. This account is updated in real-time during any major outages or issues we are experiencing. Customers may also choose to subscribe to alerts via SMS/text and be notified on your cell phone about any updates. If you’re a twitter user and unsure about how to do this just give us a call at 289-2229 or follow the instructions in this short video.

We hope you enjoy these new features as we work towards greater transparency and improved customer service.