Meet CWS: Chris Kostelec

Name: Chris Kostelec

Tell us what you’re busy doing at CWS: Helping clients and helping team members internally with issues from web design to support. It changes every day.

Describe Yourself Using One Word: Introspective

Hometown: Rochester, MN

Hobbies/Interests: Web Design, Technology, Video Games, Politics/Current Events, Guitar, Organic Farming

Favorite Sports Team(s): I don't follow sports at all.

Famous Person You’d Like to Meet: Mr. Rogers (RIP)

Something You’d Like to Learn to Do: Too many to list, but to make good music would be up there.

Favorite Website: Reddit

Favorite Travel Destination: Hawaii

Last “Gadget” You Purchased: Raspberry Pi

Favorite Book: A Song of Ice and Fire

Favorite Food: Cheese

Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings Trilogy