The CWS "Bring Your Child to Work Day"



Last Thursday the CWS office was brimming with kids as we participated in the national "Bring Your Child to Work" day. CWS offspring, ages 1 to 12, played games and participated in activities that exposed them to the wonderful world of web design, programming, video production and graphic design.

They played a guessing game that allowed them to learn what each CWS employee did during their work day.

Did we inspire them to become future designers, programmers, web developers or business account strategists? We're not sure. But they did like the cookies and snacks, spending time with their parents and of course, getting out of school early to attend.


Carson DeKeyrel, Getting Sugared Up!

Comments from the kids included:

"I want to come to work with you everyday, Dad." (Kylie DeKeyrel)

"Can Sarah make me look like an Avatar?" (Brady Barlow)

"I didn't know your work did such cool stuff." (Sophie Novak)

"Can I have a Cappuccino?" (Joe Novak)