How'd Ya Do That? - Avataring a Photo


If you were one who asked, "How'd They Do That?" in regards to turning a few of our friends into Avatars(c) (digitally, not literally) now's your chance to get the inside scoop. Our graphic designer, Sarah Link, was the mastermind and artist. We recorded the process which you can see in the attached video link.

The video is about 2 minutes in length.

Her process:

1. Sarah acquired high resolution photos of the subjects and reference pictures from the actual Avatar posters.

2. She pulled the stripes from Zebra photos.

3. Using Photoshop she colored the subjects various tones of blues to match their natural skin tones.

4. The subject's original eyes were used but enlarged. Color and highlights were added such as darkening the pupils and circling the iris.

5. The human nose was covered with the distinctive Avatar nose from the poster.

6. Using the eraser tool, she removed the human ears because an Avatar's ears sit higher on the head. She placed the new ears on the head, flattened them and adjusted colors again.

7. After the ears were attached, shading was added with a brush to enhance features like the jaw and cheeks.

8. The finishing touches included manually adding the dots and the Zebra stripes and darking the photo to bring out highlights and add impact. This completed the Avatar look.

What took Sarah over 2 hours to do you can watch in a time lapse video that's less than 2 minutes long.

And that's How We Did That.

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