Meet CWS: Amy White

Tell us what you're busy doing at CWS: A wizard with words if you will! I create content to support marketing strategies for CWS and their clients.

Describe Yourself Using One Word: Creative

Hometown: Stewartville, MN

Family: Husband, Alex; Son, William (Willy)

Hobbies/Interests: In my free time, I maintain a personal blog, www.sahlandwhite.com that’s full of fun stuff. I am also an avid DIY-er, enjoy planning parties and other fun things, traveling, and searching for vintage treasures.

Favorite Sports Team(s): Go Pack Go!

Famous Person You'd Like to Meet: Ummmm knowing who celebrities are is my worst skill in life. I may or may not have just Googled “famous people”.... Oh, actually, I would love to sit down with the cast of The Kitchen.

Something You'd Like to Learn to Do: I’d love to be able to speak another language.

Favorite Website: Bloglovin’ is great.

Favorite Travel Destination: Anywhere and everywhere! Close by: Duluth, Minnesota. More exotic: San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Last "Gadget" You Purchased: A new lens for my camera.

Favorite Book: The Night Circus

Favorite Food: I literally cannot pick a favorite so I’m going to list my favorite meal and that would be brunch.

Favorite Movie: Little Miss Sunshine