How To Improve Your Website Ranking on Google - The Definitive INFOGRAPHIC Guide

It is hard to get out of the mindset of SEO practices circa 2006. What used to be so easy is now a challenge to most businesses. You can’t just go to a website and purchase a dozen backlinks that get you on page one for your keywords. It takes effort, work, dedication, and a commitment to being the best possible resource for your visitors to get you to the top... Which often leads to a very common question we get at CWS: “How can I rank better on Google?”

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While there is not a 100% proven strategy, there are things we do know Google looks for. Social Sprout has put together an awesome infographic explaining some of the main components to keep an eye on when optimizing your website for Google search results.

A few things this infographic covers are:

  • When to properly use keywords (and how often)
  • How you can use images to increase your ranking
  • How a slow loading website can hurt your ranking

Consider these tips a baseline for your SEO - Your “Must Do’s”. Most of these tips are surprisingly simple to set up, so updating should only take you a short time!


Source: Quick Sprout

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Our Most Important Tip!

We threw a lot of easy-to-implement content in a single blog post. While it is important to start implementing these techniques in your web strategy, don’t EVER forget about customer experience.

Google updates have made it necessary to have an easy-to-navigate and easy-to-digest website. Loading up your website with unnecessary content, plug-ins, and old strategies can actually negatively affect how you rank on search.  Make sure you ask yourself when optimizing your website, “How will this affect my visitors?”

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