How Mobile Marketing is Changing in 2019

When you share information about your business or brand in a way that's optimized for mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, you're using mobile marketing. The concept of mobile marketing isn't new. Today, brands reach their audiences via a variety of marketing methods optimized for mobile devices, including through SMS texting, social media, instant messaging and email.

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But, the way you'll be using this effective marketing method in 2019 is about to change. That's because marketing that's optimized for mobile devices has a promising future for the year ahead. Here's how mobile marketing stands to change for 2019.

How Brands' Mobile Marketing is Changing in 2019

There are several ways marketing for mobile devices is changing in the year ahead. Technology is behind the bulk of these changes; however, it's all for the better to help streamline the process of your marketing campaigns. You can expect changes, such as:

  • Blockchain. Users want privacy and security, and blockchain technology helps to facilitate both. The year ahead will see a shift towards using blockchain technology to encrypt user information for security enhancement.
  • AI-powered solutions. From virtual reality to augmented reality, marketing for mobile devices will continue to use AI-powered solutions to automate processes and enhance the user experience. Expect to see more marketers using AI to improve user experience by using AI-enabled programs and applications, such as chatbots and voice assistants.

    You can also expect marketers to automate tasks using AI, including using AI data solutions and cloud technology to sift through large data sets. This helps to discover user preferences and automate responses to drive interaction and engagement.
  • A focus on voice. As today's digital audiences continue to use IoT-powered devices and wearables, searching via voice will continue to be on the rise. Some analysts even predict nearly half of all searches will be conducted via voice by 2020. That's why 2019 will see a continued to shift towards a more voice-enabled search when marketing for mobile devices.

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How to Take Advantage of New Changes

The great part about these new changes is that there are several ways you can leverage mobile marketing to achieve your marketing campaign goals, including:

  • Make mobile format enhancements. Plugins help make optimizing your content for mobile devices easier. You can use plugins that can automate your processes. Also, using AI-powered solutions can help drive your marketing campaigns for mobile devices.
  • Optimize your site for voice search. It's a given that voice search will continue to peak as a method for your audience to find the information they need online. Optimize your site for voice search by using conversational keywords for your Frequently Asked Questions and applying the right schemas that provide additional information for voice search.
  • Leverage a digital marketing agency. Even though you can put these new mobile marketing trends into action on your own, it doesn't have to be a solo job. You can save time and money by using the help of a reliable digital marketing agency to optimize your website and content for mobile devices to deliver your intended marketing message effectively.

Final Thoughts

While 2019 can mean mobile marketing, methods are in for a new change. It's important to take advantage of these new techniques to enhance your marketing campaigns to reach your target audience. By using these tips for 2019, you can create and amplify awareness of your brand and enhance engagement with your audience.