CWS Recognizes Three Outstanding Employees at Quarter Three Alignment Meeting

The CWS quarterly Alignment Meeting was held Thursday, October 5th and featured team-building activities, a review of last quarter’s performance, a look at next quarter, and PIZZA! Equally as important, three employees were recognized with awards for marching CWS through its 2017 quarter three.

Garry Marta was awarded the “Newbie Award.” Some qualifications for this award include being a fairly new hire, “listening and learning, as well as taking the initiative to be an expert in your own area and adding skills to your repertoire that you in turn can teach to others,” adds Marta.

Garry has been a Growth Analyst since he began at CWS, just over a year ago. In that time, he has kept busy analyzing data to improve user experience on clients’ websites as well as improving their online presence. When he’s not working, Garry is either exercising, watching a movie, or designing pretty things on his unnecessarily pricey computer! Awesome work, Garry!

Dustin Hart was awarded “Awesome Employee of the Quarter.” Dustin stepped into his new role as Art Director last quarter, and has proven to have a knack for it. Since joining the CWS team in January 2013, Dustin has designed and developed websites for a wide array of clients. As he moves into the role of Art Director, his aim is to provide a richer user experience, working to ensure the highest-level of quality. Dustin is eager to push the creativity of projects as well as the development to new heights to best tell our client's story through their online presence.

When he’s not working, Dustin enjoys attending live music events, playing baseball, and golfing. In addition to a really cool trophy, Dustin is allowed to park in the “Awesome Employee” space! Awesome job, Dustin!

Justin McGinnis was awarded the “Highway 75 Award.” The Highway 75 Award is presented to the employee who has logged the most hours in the quarter. Justin has been programming at CWS since August 2016. Since joining the team, he’s worked almost exclusively on MedEd Manager, a learning management software that helps facilitate CME events and activities.

In his free time, Justin enjoys being with his family, traveling, and snowboarding. Great work, Justin!