2018 Q4 Alignment Meeting & Awards

The entire CWS team participated in the 2018 Quarter Four Alignment Meeting on the morning of Friday, January 4th. The quarterly meeting was kicked off with plenty of coffee consumption and a rousing game of TV-show-jingle trivia.

Once we were all warmed up for the day, our Chief Happiness Officer, Alan De Keyrel, went over the numbers that transpired over the fourth quarter of 2018. This is where the coffee really came into play (just kidding, Al). Luckily, our CHO makes meetings interactive as well as informative. You don't find that kind of transparency at any old company!

Next, our Chief Strategy Officer, PJ Calkins, guided the team through Q4's marketing and sales goals. 12-week goals are the focal point to our sales and marketing strategies every quarter. The Alignment Meeting is a great chance to analyze our past goals that we either met, missed, or exceeded, giving us a better idea of what we can accomplish the next quarter.

Finally, the quarterly award winners were announced by Leadership Team member and lead programmer, Shane Kovash.

And the winners are...

Dustin Hart, Best Art Director

Joe Milbach, Highway 75 Award

Sunny Prabhakar, Employee of the Quarter



Dustin and Sunny

2018 is officially a wrap. Now, we're on to new goals, new strategies, and new triumphs!