Inside CWS: The Team Talks Turkey

imgresWhat makes Thanksgiving a wonderfully memorable holiday? See how the CWS team has celebrated their Thanksgivings.


We have some great cooks in our family, so we always end up with 8 or 9 different pies on Thanksgiving. Every year, I eat a slice of every type of pie (and not a small piece mind you). It has since been dubbed the "Jonny Yucuis Thanksgiving Pie Eating Extravaganza Galore". - Jonny Yucuis



The most unique dish that I had at Thanksgiving was a cranberry sauce. The base included orange zest, ginger and some some other spices. This was served as a stand alone dish and was used to marinate some of the turkey meat too.

It was different, but tasty! - Joe Milbach



Our aunt forgot to cook the potatoes one year, so it’s become a running gag for the last 15 years! The poor girl will not live it down, but it’s made for some great Thanksgiving memories! - Tracy Lauritzen


My favorite part of Thanksgiving is after dinner because our family plays board games, we take a walk, and go to the movie theater! Sometimes our Thanksgiving lasts until midnight! - Alex Slack

Every Thanksgiving I think about my favorite holiday movie: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. It’s such a great flick, and it really starts off the holiday season for me. You haven’t seen it, I strongly recommend watching it with the family this year. - Tom Novak

I always look forward to spending Thanksgiving with my brothers and their families. We’re a football family. We watch the NFL games all day, and if it’s nice enough outside, we usually sneak in a game of backyard football with the kids during halftimes. - Shane Kovash

Our Thanksgivings are pretty traditional, and the meal always includes the Minnesota cliche dish: grape salad. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! - Sam Malone


On Thanksgiving, my wife Erin and I always have a house full of kitties that we watch for friends and family over the holidays. It makes for an interesting weekend! - Eric Reynolds


I’ve spent many Thanksgivings in a very unusual place - Canada! We have family there, and after our meal, we would all go out and play broomball on the ice. Good times. - Dustin Hart


We started a Thanksgiving tradition a few years ago where the family does a “cookie swap.” Each family bakes cookies so that we can swap one dozen with another. That way we get a large variety of cookies and the kitchen smells like baked cookies all weekend! - Sarah Link

My Thanksgiving is quiet and peaceful—exactly the way I like it! - Chris O'Byrne



Ethan1 (3)
Our Thanksgiving tradition includes the post-meal climb up our family’s silo. No matter how many times we do it, it’s always fun and memorable. Plus, it helps to get us moving after all the food! - Ethan Herber


Before going over to my family’s house for Thanksgiving, I like to instruct a morning ZUMBA class. It feels great to get my body and mind energized for a full day of eating and mingling! - Sara Pennington



Our tradition is having family and friends over for dinner the Saturday following Thanksgiving day. This will be our 11th year doing this, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! - Kim De Keyrel


Happy Thanksgiving from the CWS Team!

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