5 Steps to Web Success: A CWS Case Study

In an earlier blog post, we showed the process that our graphic designer, Sarah Link, underwent as she re-created Main Street Dental Clinic’s (MSDC’s) logo. Today, we’ll walk through the five steps MSDC took to transform their digital environment and achieve measurable success.

Step 1) Establish Project Goals

The Goals

  • Convert site visitors to customers through clear calls-to-action
  • Use Agile Marketing to increase traffic and conversions
  • Take care of patients by providing an easy way to schedule appointments

Step 2) Identify and Solve Challenges

A Large Team

We had eight CWS team members working on this project. Main Street Dental Clinics had seven and needed to consider the opinions of the staff and stakeholders from all their locations.

The Solution

CWS project manager Jonny Yucuis worked with account strategist Tracy Lauritzen to determine clear expectations for project goals, standards, and communication, and MSDC chose one person to act as their primary decision maker.

Show Locations Visually

MSDC is located throughout southern Minnesota. Communicating information about each of these places in a visually appealing, easy-to-understand way was no small feat.

The Solution

Dustin Hart, who designed the website, overcame many challenges (like this one) during this project. To solve this problem, Dustin chose to include Locations as a small section on the homepage and have detailed information on a Locations page, including a map, photos, and a list of dentists.

Include Poignant Testimonials

Testimonials are important for building trust, but we didn’t want to have a page dedicated to them. When put together, most testimonials sound similar. Dustin’s challenge was to incorporate positive feedback without it becoming white noise to viewers.

The Solution

The About Us page has a "Client Raves" (Testimonial) section that pulls a different one each time a person visits the site.

Step 3) Find Ways To Go Above and Beyond

Use Professional Photography

Quality photos have a huge impact on how clean a site feels. MSDC invested in getting professional images of their office and staff to emphasize the relational quality of their office. MSDC feels the prospective patient should know the people providing their dental care. This view also explains why they built an extensive staff page.

Place Forms on Each Page

“Free Dental Exams & X-Rays” forms are built into each page of the site, so people can contact MSDC from any page.Forms are designed to convert traffic to customers, so we keep the form short and easy and don’t require a captcha. Making the sign-up process simple and easy is the best way to ensure people don’t bounce out of the conversion page without filling out the form.
At the same time as the site redesign, Main Street Dental Clinics launched their Facebook environment, posting strategically and frequently. In only a few months, they gained over 500 followers.

Step 4) Use Agile Marketing to Achieve Success

Once the site went live, CWS’s Digital Ad Specialist, Ethan Herber, designed and placed Google Ads and boosted Facebook posts, pushing prospects directly to conversion forms on the site.. Boy did it work! MSDC saw immediate results, and new patients were filling out the forms at a significantly higher rate than they did on their old site.

Agile Marketing

The Agile Marketing strategy is one that we use with several clients. During this project, Ethan checked Adwords and Facebook analytics every few days, and used those numbers to alter the marketing strategies, which improved MSDC’s conversion potential.

Website Traffic Insights

After 90 days, we met with MSDC to demo their analytics. Here were three of our insights:

  • More traffic to the forms came from mobile devices than from desktops
  • The staff page had very high traffic, telling us that new patients want to meet the staff before they arrive.
  • People found their site through referrals

Digital Ad Insights

Ethan tracked the ads, changed them up, watched closely for conversions, and reported his results to Main Street Dental each week. The ads produced a great deal of views, extremely impressive click-through rates, and boosted the number of followers on Main Street's newly launched Facebook page. The best news was the high number of conversions (new patients gained) from people filling out forms—which, of course, was the ultimate goal:

  • > 266,000 impressions
  • Click-through rate: 2.25%–20%
    • Industry average: 0.433%
  • 201 additional Facebook likes

Step 5) Reflect On How Far You've Come

Main Street Dental Clinics not only built a new site but also rebranded themselves by investing in an updated logo, new photos, and data-driven digital media planning (read: Agile). Their success can be attributed to their willingness to adapt, change, and improve in three ways. Here’s what you can learn from MSDC:

  • Approach business with a forward-thinking mindset
  • Shift primary marketing efforts online to get new patients
  • Give 100% effort to the project

Congrats to Main Street Dental Clinics on the launch of their new digital environment!

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