CWS Infographic: The Psychology of Font Type

It may be hard to believe that a font choice could evoke an idea, feeling or emotion just by viewing it. But it can.

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Choosing a font for your logo should not be taken lightly. Today’s infographic covers the basic psychology behind the type of font choices. Learn how serif, sans serif, and display typefaces trigger a particular idea, feeling, or emotion.


Source: CrazyEgg.com 

The best font choice for your logo, website, or blog depends on the feelings you hope to convey. Below is an explanation of the five major font types, as well as the messages they send to viewers:

The Serif Family

Traditional · Respectable · Reliable

A serif is a small line attached to the end of a stroke in a letter. Good examples of serif fonts include Times New Roman, Baskerville, and Georgia Italic.

The Sans Serif Family

Stable · Clean · Modern

If a serif is a small line attached to a letter, it makes sense that a sans serif font is one without these additions. Examples of sans serif fonts include Helvetica Bold, Calibri, and Myriad Italic.

The Script Family

Elegant · Affectionate · Creative

Script fonts are characterized by fluid and varying lines, similar to handwriting. Popular script fonts include Bickham Script, Edward Script, and Lavanderia.

The Modern Family

Strong · Stylish · Progressive

One can recognize a modern font because of their heavy downstrokes, regular shapes, and (at times) hairline serifs. Examples include Futura, Didot Italic, and Century Gothic.

The Display Family

Friendly · Unique · Expressive

Display fonts are usually larger than text fonts, and give distinctive character to a business’ publication. Good examples of display fonts are Valencia, Cooper, and Spaceage Round.

Now that you understand more about font types check out common web design terminology.

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