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In the digital marketing industry, there's always something new to learn. And, sometimes an old idea presented in a new way can give us perspective. Given our collaborative nature at CWS, when we find something worth sharing we email our team or post it within our Facebook group. It is an easy way to connect and educate one another and also keeps us in the loop for things others may have missed. Here is round up our favorite articles of the month! Check it out!

The Internet’s Original Sin

Submitted by Elijah Parker
An article written by the man responsible for creating the first pop up ad. Not only does this piece proffer historical context but insight into what advertising works with implications of how what works may evolve and is evolving. Will internet users abandon free services that sell us and our attention as the product?

Why Every New Employee Should Do Customer Support
Submitted by Chris Kostelec
When a designer is required to do employee support his perspective on the impact of his designs change before he begins to create for the company employing him. Not only does he gain empathy for the end users, he understands the impact of what he creates on his co-workers. His insights can be applied to most any field of work.

8 Lessons for SEOs from Muck Rack’s "Today’s Journalist" Survey
Submitted by Melissa McNallan
Gain attention for your company through relevant content and by taking the time to approach traditional journalists. Gaining the public’s attention and getting them to visit your website so that you can communicate your business’s or your organization’s value is the main objective of SEO. Modern marketing is all about engagement. Learn how to gain exposure for your website by connecting with journalists.