Rapid Newsletter+:  New and Improved Features!

A few weeks ago Rapid Newsletter+ was updated to make creating campaigns easier for our users.

When starting a new campaign, users will be prompted with the screen below...



This is the new beginning menu when you start a campaign

The new update also makes A/B Testing easier. Users can test different subject lines, from addresses, or email content, to discover the most effective methods in their email campaigns.


Rapid Newsletter+ has made it easy to test different subject lines, from addresses, or email content.

After creating your newsletter, you can choose your lists, like earlier versions, but you can now also directly import new contacts you may have forgotten!


If you need to add new subscribers quickly before sending a campaign, it can now be easily added before your campaign is sent.

You can still send your campaign immediately or schedule it for a later date/time. To schedule, click the icon near the top of the page.


Mobile Viewing


This mobile view makes it easy to track your email campaigns on the go!


If you’ve never done so, be sure to check out Rapid Newsletter+ on your smartphone.

You can easily check the status of your newsletter,view open and bounce rates, link clicks, and even see individually who viewed your newsletter!

We hope you enjoy the new updates!