Facebook Chat for Business?

Up to this point, I have always remained "offline" for chat when logged into Facebook. Just because I'm using Facebook to post something to our CWS Page (have you joined yet?), it doesn't mean that I want to strike up a conversation with someone from high school. This led me to always set my chat status to "offline" and avoid the uncomfortable situation of ignoring someone who I really didn't have time to chat with.

Recently, Facebook implemented a new feature that allows you to selectively set your online status for certain people/lists. To do this, simply add the people you want to be able to "see" you to a Facebook list (how to do this). For example, I have a one list called "co-workers" and another called "family." From there, you can toggle your status next to each list in the chat window (see graphic).

By using lists within Facebook and customizing your chat settings, you'll allow your time online to be more productive and less intrusive. From there, you can consider using the new Facebook groups feature as an internal communication tool for your entire office. If you're already doing this, I'd be curious to hear how your employees have reacted.