The Ultimate List of Offer Ideas for Your Engineering Marketing Plan

If it's time to expand your business, you need to start thinking about offers to entice your clients. Offers are powerful marketing tactics that are meant to get your audience to make a committed step through the sales funnel. They are items of value for which your audience is willing to give information such as an email address or phone number. It's a great chance to learn more about your prospective customers. Here are 15 ideas for offers you can use to lure in clients and close sales.

1. Free on-site consultations.

Clients may not know what they need to have done. By coming out to their site to examine the job for free, you'll build rapport with your customers and show your professional chops.

2. Maintenance services.

If you're installing or building something, offering your client free or discounted maintenance is a sure way to show you stand by your work. You can offer this for a set time, a discounted subscription service or for the life of your work.

3. Discounts for multiple jobs.

This is a marketing stand-by: offering them a package deal. But it's far more attractive if, for instance, the same task or service needs to be performed at multiple locations or repeatedly on a set schedule.

4. Working On site.

Don't make the client come to you. If it's something that needs to be done in-person, go to them. You'll save them time and money, and they'll appreciate it.

5. Referrals.

Is there a whole region that could use your work? Are you maybe breaking in with a new base of clients? Offer a discount on future work if a client refers someone else to you.

6. Loyalty plans.

Are you in a line of engineering work where a customer might have use of your services repeatedly over time? Offer a subscription-based loyalty plan to make sure they don't seek out someone else.

7. Discounts distributed online.

Discount codes and the like are used more in the retail world, but they have an application to most businesses. Telling email newsletter subscribers or social media followers to mention a given ad for a discount will encourage customers to follow you via these media -- which will keep you on their radar.

8. Discounts for testimonials.

Customer testimonials are a powerful way to build trust. Offer clients a discount if they're willing to speak positively and publicly about the work you've done -- after the job's complete, of course.

9. Signs on site.

If you're doing a long-term project on-site, offer the client a discount if they'll display your sign on the property, especially if it's in a high-traffic area. Passers-by will want to learn more about the project and you.

10. Referrals on websites.

If a client is partnering closely with you, ask them to mention you on their website and offer a discount on your work. This shows that they'll stand by your work, and it'll increase your web traffic, but more importantly, it'll subtly bump your SEO ranking.

11. Social media referrals.

Likewise, if you're working on a large project for a client, offer them a discount if they'll post about it -- and you -- on a blog or their social media page. This will build positive buzz.

12. Discounting work performed at one time.

Can you do multiple jobs for the client in one on-site trip? If so, you'll save time and gas and can afford to pass the savings on to them.

13. Offer temporary discounts on work.

Does your field have a slow season? If someone has a project for you during that time, offer them a discount.

14. Discount repairs on others' work.

Did the engineer before you do a shoddy job? If it won't break the bank, consider offering a discount on fixing it. If you do a great job, you'll create a loyal client who'll sing your praises to others.

15. Ask the client.

Many companies assume they're operating inside a black box when it comes to negotiating with clients. But you can't always anticipate what will close a deal, and discovering what they need may be enough to get it done.

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