Meet CWS: Meghan Patel

When we hire a new team member, we like to get to know them. Like, we need to know what they like to do outside of work, what they’re good at, and of course, their favorite brand of frozen pizza (it’s important).  Please join us in getting to know and welcoming Meghan Patel to the CWS team. Currently enrolled at Loyola University in Chicago, Meghan joins the CWS team as one of our summer marketing interns!

Tell us what you're busy doing at CWS: I am a marketing intern and so far I have started working on blog posts, meta descriptions, and some social media.

Describe Yourself Using One Word: Unpredictable

Hometown: Rochester, MN

Family: 3 sisters, middle child

Hobbies/Interests: Figure skater, outdoorsy, netflix, adventurous

Favorite Sports Team(s): Real Madrid

Famous Person You'd Like to Meet: Zac Efron

Something You'd Like to Learn to Do: Gymnastics

Favorite Website: Nike.com

Favorite Travel Destination: Punta Cana

Favorite Book: A Thousand Splendid Suns

Favorite Food: Anything Mexican

Favorite Movie: 21 Jumpstreet

Welcome Meghan!