MedEd Web Solutions: The Inbound Marketing Secrets Behind Their 1,683% Increase In New Leads

MedEd Web Solutions has a whole lot goin’ on. They have two SaaS products that serve different markets in the healthcare world and they also offer medical and CME marketing, web design services, and HIPAA compliant hosting. They’re a passionate group and strive to make a difference in a unique realm of healthcare.

Fast Facts

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The Challenges

One of the largest challenges for a client like MedEd Web Solutions is brand awareness to an appropriate target market. Grabbing (and keeping) the attention of healthcare professionals and establishing yourself as an expert in the medical industry as a non-medical solutions provider can be difficult. Their services are complex and without clear messaging, can be confusing. MedEd Web Solutions also experienced an extremely long buyer’s journey and as a result, had issues with successfully completing the sales cycle.

Our Approach

With just a little inbound marketing magic, MedEd Web Solutions was off and running. Our first approach focused on attraction. We solidified their brand identity, created target personas, and refreshed their logos and content.

We GDD-ed the heck out of their website; reviewing heat maps, scroll maps, and any other analytics we could get our hands on to optimize layout, content, and user experience. Their first website rendition was complete in just three weeks and updates were made every three weeks for the first three months, and monthly thereafter.

But Wait, There’s More!

As we learned persona behaviors from their website, we focused on keeping the attention of and nurturing their exact persona at each stage of the buyer's journey.

1. Increased Content Production by 493%

We increased blog post frequency by 493% from 2016 to 2017. Blog content was highly targeted to personas, different stages of the buyer’s journey, and contained strategic keywords. Content was educational-based, informing the reader of hot issues in their industry.

Increased quality content production and social media efforts led to a 391% increase in website traffic and with offers and landing pages in place, leads transformed into conversions and their marketing lists grew.

2. Deployed Nurturing Workflows

As marketing and contact lists grew, workflows were an obvious next step. We were able to automate three large, effective workflows:

  • One that focused on a follow up strategy after a contact performed a certain action
  • One that focused on nurturing if the contact hadn’t been seen in awhile
  • One that focused on the promotion of their Quarter 3 Webinar

The automation shortened the sales cycle, closed more sales, and allowed MedEd Web Solutions the ability to scale up their production without the need to increase their workload or staff.

3. Keyword and SEO Strategy

Automation efforts put forth with workflows increased MedEd Web Solutions’ results exponentially. The third focus was a keyword and SEO strategy. Each digital ad got it’s own, optimized landing page, directly relating to that specific set of keywords, and all landing pages funneled to an appropriate offer.


Q1 & Q2 2017 compared to Q1 & Q2 2016Inbound Marketing Case Study Results


Prior to using HubSpot and a dedicated inbound marketing strategy, in 2016, MedEd Web Solutions captured only 5 opportunities and 1 new customer.

The Impact Factor

Alan De Keyrel Inbound Marketing Case Study Picture“The Inbound Marketing and GDD website factors have been huge for MedEd Webs Solutions. From visitors to leads to sales to happy clients, we’ve seen increases in all areas of our sales cycle.”

-Alan De Keyrel, CEO of MedEd Manager

The overall impact factor? A dedicated inbound strategy with defined personas and goals, quality content, automated workflows, and a website founded on GDD exponentially increases not only results, but the effort.