How to Create a SaaS Marketing Strategy for Your New Software

Developing your software is only the first part of your SaaS journey. Now you need a marketing plan that generates the user volume that takes you from a great idea to a startup success. While each SaaS product is different, these marketing tactics form an excellent foundation for you to build on.

Build Pre-Launch Excitement

The first question you need to answer is "why?" Your potential audience has many SaaS options to choose from. Why would they want to leave their current solution or consider your product over more established options? Make a fantastic landing page and explainer video that goes over your unique selling proposition and the benefits that your customers gain by using your software. A pre-launch page with a lead capture box helps you put together an audience before you put the finishing touches on your SaaS solution.

Develop Relationships With Your Prospects

Go beyond merely collecting emails and sending them the occasional newsletter. Use a marketing automation or email marketing tool to create a lead nurturing email sequence. You introduce subscribers to your product and let them build a personal connection to your company. You stay top of mind by frequently contacting them so when they're ready to buy, you're the first SaaS they think about.

Create Useful Content For Your Target Audience

Blogs, resource sections and other valuable content positions you as a company that is worth following. Your audience has a reason to stick around and check back on a regular basis. You build a platform filled with engaged potential users that have a front-row seat to your imminent launch.

Reach Out to Influencers in Your Industry for Promotion

Audience building takes a lot of time and effort. You can complement your on-site efforts by talking to influencers with larger websites or social media followings. Speak to them about your product or ask if they would like to share your valuable content with their visitors. You should try to engage with these influencers elsewhere before you reach out so you're not cold emailing them.

Stay Engaged on Social Media

Look for conversations that are relevant to your SaaS product. You don't want to jump in and get promotional. Simply answer questions and think of ways to provide value to a conversation. You'll gain a reputation for being a helpful company to reach out to, and you'll grow your reach.

Invest in Paid Search and Social Ads

Another way to boost awareness of your SaaS product is through paid search and social ads. However, you shouldn't put together campaigns that only promote the software after you launch. Use some of the content that you created for your site and use paid ads as a tool to build relationships with a broader audience. Unlike the other options, you don't have a choice as to whether you want to bootstrap your efforts or pay. This option can get expensive quickly if you're inexperienced in this area, so take the time to research how to be successful on the ad platforms you pick.
You put a lot of effort into your SaaS product. Now you need to devote your resources to spreading the word about it. These marketing strategies will get you started and allow you to experiment with the tactics that work best for your market segment.

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