How to Add Facebook Reviews to Your Website and Why You Need Them (With Pictures)

Reviews are one of the best forms of social proof for your products, services, and business. In fact, they are such strong marketing assets, it’s important to utilize them in as many ways as possible. One powerful way you can do this is by embedding specific reviews from sites such as Facebook and Google directly onto your website.

Even if you’re coding inept, fear not! Anyone can easily add Facebook reviews to a website using these four steps (emphasize easily). And we included pictures!

How to embed Facebook reviews to a website:

  1. Head to the reviews section of your business’ Facebook page
    Reviews section
  2. Find the review that you wish to embed, and click the three dots in the upper right-hand corner.
    Embed Facebook Reviews
  3. Choose “Embed.” Copy the code and choose “Show Preview” to see how it will look on your website.
    Add Facebook reviews to your website
  4. Go to your website’s HTML or CMS (Drupal, Joomla, WordPress) editor and paste the code.

You did it!

An automatic method of adding Facebook reviews to your website (if you use WordPress) is a plugin called WordImpress.

Now, you may be asking, “Why is embedding Facebook reviews to my website so important?” Here’s why:

You own the process

You could choose to ignore what people are rating your business on Facebook, or you could tap into the feedback and use it to your advantage. Instead of being afraid of what people write about your brand, embrace the review process by leveraging customer feedback. This demonstration of fearlessness will validate your product or service, and create an honest relationship between your customer and your brand.

Without reviews, people won’t buy from you

The cold, hard facts are:
  • 92 percent of consumers check out the reviews before visiting a store.
  • 79 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
  • Customers are likely to spend about 31 percent more on a brand that has “excellent” reviews.
  • The No.1 factor consumers use to judge a business is “star rating.”

Display reviews for non-Facebookers

You understand the importance of building up a strong social media presence. You’ve put a lot of work into creating an effective Facebook page and have been getting favorable reviews as a result. So, what if you want to showcase this achievement with those who don’t follow you on Facebook yet? Embed the reviews on your site!

Screenshots of reviews don’t work

Don’t even try it. It’s so simple to embed Facebook reviews on your website that you will probably lose validity if you try the screenshot or copy-and-paste routes. Trust will be yielded between customer and brand if real customer reviews are embedded on your site. Just follow the four easy steps above!

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It’s content

You repurpose blog posts, right? Why not repurpose your valuable Facebook reviews? Customer reviews are available for nearly any product or service, so not having reviews listed on your site means you’re one big step behind the competition. If consumers are finding your website through a search engine, take a step out of the consideration process and display your Facebook ratings right on your homepage. Normally, if searchers are comparing brands, they are likely to disqualify a website that has no rating listed at all (remember, star rating is the no.1 factor).

Visitors will stay on your website longer

This is pretty self-explanatory. You want people to stay on your website as long as possible, and if they have to go to Facebook to see customer reviews, there’s a big chance they may get distracted. By embedding Facebook reviews to your website, your chance of gaining a buyer is much more likely. It’s all about the user experience!

It’s another way to promote review-writing

Customer reviews are valuable on any medium. By adding Facebook reviews to your website, you have another channel to relay the message that you appreciate reviews. Customer reviews build up your web presence more effectively than any advertisement.

Facebook users trust other Facebook users

Facebook has 2.07 billion monthly users. It’s clearly an advantageous platform for digital marketing. Why do you think Facebook Marketplace has been working its way past Craigslist? Because you can actually SEE who’s selling their stuff, instead of using an obscure email address.

This is the same concept for customer reviews. If you have Facebook reviews embedded on your site, searchers can see the actual person who wrote the dang thing. What a magical marketing tool!

Final thoughts

You really can’t go wrong with repurposing Facebook customer reviews on your website. The process of embedding the reviews on your site is fairly easy, whether you do it manually, or use a plugin. Facebook reviews are advantageous content that create trust between the customer and your business. Plus, the numbers don’t lie; tap into the 92 percent of consumers who look at reviews before purchasing, ASAP!

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