How Custom Web Applications Can Grow Your Business

As your business grows, and you look for ways to simplify and refine your process, the solution may be more simple than you realize. Think about the processes your team is manually repeating using  multiple spreadsheets, reports, or even on paper. There is a better way. These type of redundant tasks could be replaced with a custom web application.

A custom web application is a type of software that is accessible and used through a web browser. Custom web applications can automate tasks and improve your employee’s efficiency.

The most successful companies continually evolve and improve efficiency to increase profits and productivity.  Here are 3 examples of how custom web application development could help your business grow.


Ecommerce companies find themselves managing a lot of orders for thousands o fproducts every single day. When producing and packaging different types of products, a paper or other simplistic system can slow delivery and be a huge bottleneck for future growth. A custom web application could increase your productivity and your company's overall capacity by managing your order fulfillment process for you. When thinking about getting a custom order management system developed, consider what your current process costs each year in time and frustration. If that cost was removed from your bottom line forever, how much would that be worth to you?


A common struggle for businesses is finding the right system for payroll, work schedules, and time keeping. A custom web application is built specifically for your needs and would help automate and simplify scheduling and timekeeping management.

Imagine how much more efficient your company would be if you could easily display:

  • Time-off requests
  • Total hours scheduled
  • Employee costs
  • Employee records
  • Complete or partially completed forms
  • And so on..

Timekeeping management is a daunting task. If your process currently includes papers, forms, manually calculating, and  hand typing in total hours, a custom web application could remove that need and instantly start saving your company money.


This type of web application can be developed for your internal team, your customers, or both. Web portals provide a secure way to provide information in a self-service manner where users log in to gain access to the web portal. Your employees or customers could log in and gain access to personalized information.

For example, an engineering company might have dozens of proprietary spec documents and product information that their sales team might use to provide details to their potential customers. Instead of having those documents printed, or available publicly on their website, they could develop a protected web portal to provide that information to their sales team whenever they have internet access and maintain security of that proprietary information.

Web portals have the capacity to scale easily as your business grows. Whether you have a team of 5 or 5,000, using  a web portal would be able to handle the volume all the same.

Always remember that with custom web applications anything is possible, after all, it’s custom for you and your needs. Effectiveness depends on how much time and budget is allowed to accomplish the objectives so it’s important to outline your needs, wants, and overall goals.

If a custom web application is right for you and you begin your search for a development team, learn some of the key questions you should be asking a web team.

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