Ecommerce Marketing: How to Sell Products Using Google Shopping Actions


voice search for products is becoming more common - OK Google

What is the Google Shopping Actions Program?

Google officially released its new and improved online selling and buying program, Google Shopping Actions, in March of 2018. The overarching purpose of Google Shopping Actions is to help online shoppers take desired actions wherever they are, using whichever device they prefer. In essence, it makes the action of buying so seamless you could do it in your sleep. 

As immediate help is required by more and more consumers for daily shopping tasks, it's only natural that Google would step up to the plate. Google Data reports that mobile search queries for "where to buy _______" increased by 85 percent  from 2015 to 2017. Plus, 44 percent of people who use their voice-activated speaker weekly use it to purchase household items and groceries at least once a week.

It's apparent that consumers want a simple, hiccup-free way to browse and purchase products. The Shopping Actions platform is meant to make it easier for shoppers to purchase your products on Google Assistant and Search. A universal cart that can follow you from your mobile phone to your desktop to your Google Home device is the center-stage feature for shoppers.

Retailer Benefits of Google Shopping Actions

Though Amazon is still the ecommerce giant, Google dominates retail search. This means, as a retailer, your advertising budget will be put to good use with Google search ads. 

How to Get Your Products Listed on Google Shopping Results

Getting started with this powerful tool is actually pretty easy. Here is a step-by-step guide:

1. Figure out which keyword phrases are best for you. SEO for ecommerce 

2. Be prepared to take orders from all over the world. You may have to set up your business to be able to ship internationally. According to Google's official website, your shopping ads will not only appear in Google Shopping Results, but it will also appear in "Google Search, next to search results and separate from text ads, and Google Search Partner websites, including YouTube and Image Search in some countries."

3. Optimize your content so that traffic will come to you. You may need to hire a digital marketing agency to get a good marketing plan in place.

4. Decide what you can and can't handle. If this isn't something that you can handle, you can certainly set your ad so that it doesn't appear on Google Search Partner websites, or in countries where you can't and don't do business.

The Benefits of Listing Your Product with Google Shopping Results

Bar none, there is no greater company than Google to work with if you'd like your digital marketing to get that added boost. Of course, there are a number of benefits of listing your product with Google Shopping Results. For example:
  • More Traffic: shop owners who use Google Shopping Results find that they get better traffic -- and better CTR (click through rates) -- than those who don't. Whether the customer stays on your site after making the purchase is, of course, up to you, and it's strictly dependent on the quality of the content and services you provide. However, in terms of getting "all eyes on you," Google Shopping Results is the way to go.
  • An easy way to manage your campaign: Don't have experience with digital marketing? No problem! Google Shopping Results provides an easy-to-use backend interface that makes it easy to manage your campaign. You'll also find that there's a lot of reporting and competitive data that's available to you thanks to Google Analytics, which is also provided in the backend interface.
  • Better-qualified leads, broader campaign reach: As was mentioned earlier, there are few -- if any -- more powerful tools than Google for your Internet marketing campaign. Using Google's extensive reach, merchants who list their goods on Google Shopping Results will get better-qualified leads thanks to a broader campaign reach.

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