Highlight: Rochester Catholic Schools Banner Project

CWS recently helped Rochester Catholic Schools to develop a series of retractable display banners. RCS has many opportunities and various venues to remind parents of the option of enrolling their children in the Rochester Catholic School system and are using the cost effective banners to deliver their message.

Retractable banner stands, also known as banner ups, or pop-up displays are extremely popular today because of their ease of transport and versatility. They are simple, effective, and lightweight, making them a great tool for your marketing needs. They can be set up in seconds without any tools! Banner stands are also great for point-of-purchase displays, sales presentations, and office and retail environments.

A few things to think about when considering the use of display banners.
For starters, a business should identify the intended use. If it is for stand-alone signage and the banners will be left alone, it might be a good idea to have take away literature on a nearby table to provide additional information. Banners are meant to grab attention and deliver one simple message. Too much information is highly discouraged.

If the banner will be used at trade shows, consider how foot traffic passing by will see the banner. Will they only see the top half of the unit? Think of the banner as two pieces; the above the table portion and the below the table portion.
Graphics is another item to consider. A banner is a large item and only the highest resolution graphics should be considered. If at all possible, photos should be large and professionally taken.
Many pluses to this marketing tool.

Another positive aspect about a roll up banner stand is that it is made of light, but strong materials. A high quality model will never get spoiled after a few presentations, and the manufacturers are so confident when it comes to their production that the warranty they offer is a lifetime one. The money invested in a nice banner stand will pay back with the success of your marketing strategy.

With banner stands, your trade-show display design can be designed to use one banner stand or incorporate many stands to create a wall effect. Of course the wall effect has a much larger impact overall, but if you are in a pinch and need something quick, one stand will surely get the job done.

Invest in the hardware and material.

Like anything else you invest in, choosing the right stand and printing material is no different than other important purchases. You'll want to choose a stand that is either mid-range to premium and avoid stands that are made of plastic. The low-end stands typically have a poor tensioning systems and loose their spring within a few months. The banner itself should be printed on a non-curling vinyl. Scrim banner is the economy way to go, looks good, but the edges tend to curl in over time. Lastly, a good banner stand will have a padded carry bag so you can easily store and keep the materials safe from light and dust.

Display banners can be an impressive and cost effective method for delivering a message. Having your banners designed by a graphics artist and using the best possible materials will ensure the success of this marketing tool.