A Huge Mistake from AGLOCO

I recently heard about a new company, AGLOCO, at this post on TechCrunch. AGLOCO asks users to disclose personal information and install a toolbar that rests at the bottom of the browser screen. They then reimburse a portion of affiliate fees earned from ecommerce sites when users make purchases, and they have a multi-level payout scheme where users can get part of the fees generated by referred members.

Seems interesting enough.

So, I followed a link to their website only to find their logo and a "Coming Soon" message. That's it. Nothing more. Nada. Zitch.

I'm sorry, but you just made your first huge mistake as a company. You just received thousands of visitors by getting "crunched" from one of the largest blogs in the world and you have no "sign up" to be notified about your launch. This simple mistake caused you to miss a huge opportunity to collect email information from thousands of interested people. With this type of blog exposure, they would have collected emails from hundreds of people, possibly even thousands.

We had an email signup box on our homepage in the months preceding the launch of Grouploop, and the result was the collection of thousands of emails of people interested in our product. When we launched, we let them know and it resulted in the signup of hundreds of accounts within the first few days of launching.

According to the post, this is the second attempt at making this company go. If they want to be successful, they had better start avoiding costly mistakes and pay attention to the details.

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