Affordable SEO: Where to get 7 Free SEO Reports

Companies are projected to spend over $80 billion on SEO services by the year 2020.

You already know the importance of search engine optimization (that’s why you’re here) so I don’t need to get into the “whys.” The next, more important question is “how much?”

Organizations everywhere are frantically looking for affordable seo services. It is difficult to tell you exactly what you will spend on SEO because it depends entirely on your needs and goals. But there is an easy place to start.

A website audit will show you what areas of SEO your website is succeeding, and where improvements are needed.

Good news! You don’t have to break bank to gather some initial data. There are plenty of free SEO reports out there than can give you valuable information and direction.

Here are some examples of free SEO reports you can start with before investing dough in an ongoing solution.

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Free Google SEO Tools

If your goal is to have your website found and clicked on in Google search results, what better way to track this than by going straight to the source? Google has a variety of free SEO tools that can help you gauge your digital presence.

Google Webmaster Tools provides insights for how to improve your on-page search engine optimization including: HTML improvements, content keyword usage, sitemap submission data, and removing harmful URLscws-1.jpg



Google Keyword Planner provides search volume data for keywords within your industry, geographical location, audience, etc. Forecasts on keyword ideas are available so you can plan your keyword strategy.


Fetch as Google enables you to stimulate a Google crawl on your website to determine if Google is successful at accessing the pages of your site. Any errors found will help guide you through debugging crawl issues on your website.


Free SEO Moz Tools

SEO Moz is one of the leaders in SEO tracking and projections. While SEO Moz’s Pro account provides companies with a deep analysis of their digital presence, as well as supply tools to actively improve SEO, they have valuable free tools to get you started.

Open Site Explorer provides an incredibly helpful snapshot of your website’s SEO status. Find out where you website’s current status regarding domain authority, inbound links, spam scores, top pages, competitor comparisons, and more.


MozBar is considered an SEO toolbar because it is a downloadable browser extension that considers SEO metrics as you navigate through a website. You can quickly assess page and domain authority, find and highlight keywords on a page, expose page elements and HTTP status, and export results to a csv file.


Other Free SEO Reporting Tools

Marketing Grader by Hubspot analyzes all aspects of your marketing efforts including: competitive benchmarking, website speed and performance, quality SEO tactics, lead generation, mobile effectiveness, and more! To gain valuable SEO reporting insights for your website, all you have to do is enter in your website address.


SEO Report Card by UpCity gives you competitor analysis to see how your website measures up. Some features include: keyword rank analysis, what backlinks are coming to your website, how successful your keyword strategy is, what your domain trust authority is, and how many pages have been indexed.


Before you tackle website SEO improvements, check out a few of the many free SEO tools that already exist. By getting a general understanding of your website’s performance, you can determine what areas require more immediate attention.

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