Sarah Link

graphic designer

About Sarah

Sarah grew up with siblings that loved art and parents that let them experiment with that creativity (thanks, Mom and Dad). Growing up with art projects, and going to a school that had a wide variety of art classes, she knew she wanted a career that was art based. With computers and technology, creating drawings and illustrations by hand was no longer a priority for companies, so she decided to go into Graphic Design at Alexandria Technical College.

There Sarah got a nice mix of graphic design and traditional painting. Even though everything she does at work is on a computer screen, she will always have a passion for traditional art.

After Sarah graduated college, she interned at CWS. After a couple of months, she was hired on as the Graphic Designer and has enjoyed every day since.

In her spare time, Sarah likes to edit and manipulate photos in photoshop. She also loves movies. To her, they are like moving pieces of artwork. Sarah has also continued her traditional painting and helps non-profits when she can by donating her artwork to silent auctions.

Sarah's work
Growth-Driven Design Agency Certified

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