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Joe grew up in Marion, IA where he took an early interest in drawing and electronics. He spent most of his summer days biking around the the neighborhood with his buddies getting into mischief. When it got colder Joe either worked on ink drawings or tinkering with old broken electronics trying to get them to work again.

Brown CollegeAfter finishing an associates degree at Kirkwood Community College Joe found himself moving up to Bismarck, ND where he married has wife Anna. After a short time Anna and Joe moved to the Twin Cities where Joe graduated from Brown College: School of Design with a Bachelor of Science in Visual Communications. Joe was hired on at CWS as a Web Developer while he finished up his last year of his bachelor.

Now in Cedar Rapids, IA Joe enjoys being close to family and friends. His son Logan is growing up fast and will be start preschool soon. Joe and his family likes swimming, biking and exploring the fun activities that Cedar Rapids has to offer.

Joe’s technical specialties include HTML, CSS/SASS, Responsive Design, UI/UX, and jQuery. He continues to learn PHP, MySQL and Javascript.

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HubSpot Certification HubSpot Inbound Certification HubSpot Design Certificaiton Growth-Driven Design Agency Certified

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