5 Ways to Improve Your Digital Media Placement Strategy

Leveraging digital media is a necessary marketing strategy for all businesses, but it can be tough to know what kind of media to produce and where to place it. You may have taken care of the basics — setting up social media accounts and responding to fans online — but you can follow the latest trends to make sure you're in step with where the public is flocking and that your brand is part of the action.

1. Go Live

You may hide every time you see a camera coming your way, but even introverted entrepreneurs should take advantage of social media live streaming. There's an opportunity to broadcast events, product how-tos and Q&A sessions with staffers. This serves to elevate your brand, give followers something to watch and show an energy you can't always translate into written or canned video content. Measure the ROI on this strategy by the number of comments, shares and additional "likes" to your media pages.

2. Google Ads Retargeting

On average, only 2 percent of browsers of an e-commerce site buy the first time they visit. Retargeting allows you to recapture the remaining users who know your brand but have yet to spend cash. The technique creates Google Ads that remind users to come back to the site, with various kinds of inducements. Although you may want to promote your products with these ads, typically brands receive greater click-throughs by advertising a new blog post or piece of content of general interest to the site's consumers.

3. Remember Your Core Content

You can have active social media pages, but they mean nothing if no one comes to your website to buy. For all the talk about brand-building, it must translate into sales or the efforts are meaningless. Your digital media strategy must focus on getting customers back to your core website content. On your website, you may have a blog, product or service descriptions, and other information about what you do. Link through from your live videos or disappear content to your e-commerce site where customers can turn their adoration into dollars for your business. Want to know if it's working? Use an algorithm to identify the source of your website clicks.

4. Stay Local

How often do you ignore generic ads on websites? If you're not reading them, neither are your customers. Digital media attracts an audience when it's relevant to users. Use platforms that permit a local strategy that identify potential customers who are not only the right demographic, but nearby. Targeting your neighbors is the basic idea behind local SEO, the process of structuring content to alert Google about your location so you won't miss out on that next big sale that's right around the corner.

5. Get Personal

Letting your customers know you are responsive to their needs is crucial to develop brand loyalty and following. In-depth analytics let you know who your customers are and the details of their particular pain points. In 2017, it's crucial to have a blog on your website, regardless of your industry. But as companies move beyond the basics, they have to create niche digital media that reaches their core consumers. Want to know who you should be selling to? Survey those who already love your brand and find out why.
Digital media has become the cornerstone of modern marketing, but it's constantly evolving along with its audience. As brands become more comfortable with the idea of social media platforms as methods of communication with customers, they are better able to use the potential these platforms hold to increase brand reach. Know your customers, stay in step with the latest trends and don't forget about the revenue potential from the walk-by traffic that may be just across the street.
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