5 Advantages of Custom Software

Companies and small businesses use software every day. Some software is free and handles basic tasks like web browsing: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc., and other software has an expense and handles more complex or very specific tasks like employee timekeeping or project management organization. Businesses large and small alike can benefit from developing their own custom software to meet their specific needs. Here are five advantages of custom software.

1. You get software that fits your exact needs

By developing software that fits your exact needs, you don’t get those features you never use or navigation that doesn’t make sense. It’s your custom software and it will look and work exactly how you need it to. The beauty in developing your own custom software is it can be whatever you want it to be and do whatever you need it to do. Anything is possible with enough time and money, so start with your immediate, most pressing needs and build from there.

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2. Lower Costs

In most cases, custom software will have more long-term cost savings than paying a subscription for third-party software. It’s important to evaluate the software landscape and determine what you would be sacrificing in functionality or ease-of-use using an off-the-shelf software solution. Do a little ROI calculation to find out if paying 25-50k for custom software development will pay for itself in 7-10 years vs. paying for a subscription or license fee during that same period.

3. Better Software Maintenance & Improvement

With custom software there is no need to wait for some other company to add that feature you know will make using the software easier. If you think of ways to improve the software, you can develop them when you want.

There is also no need to be worried that the software that is running your entire business will be discontinued, meaning no further updates or improvements. As long as you are using your custom software and you are in business, your software will continue to be available and updated as frequently as you want.

4. Flexible Integration Capabilities

Off-the-shelf software can be limited in terms of integration options. When you develop your own custom software, your software can integrate with anything that has open integration capabilities. You also have the flexibility to expand your software’s integrations as new tools or as new software becomes available.

5. Improved Software Support

Most of the time custom software development will include some form of a continuous support package. This support would be provided by the team/person/company that developed the software. This provides better problem solving and bug-fixing than most support provided by off-the-shelf software.

Response time and turnaround time on bug fixes is streamlined and typically an easy process to get addressed. This also allows the team that developed it opportunity to provide recommendations on further improvement.

Final Thoughts

Weighing the advantages of custom software versus a third-party-software is no easy task. Be sure to keep your options open and explore the possibilities custom software could bring.

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