3 of the Best Health Club Management Software Programs and Their Features

Around 45 million Americans belong to a gym. But with so many health clubs across the country, some business owners are struggling to compete. This is where good health club management comes in. Gyms that invest in the latest software can track members more effectively, up-sell more products and services, attract more customers, manage payments, and enhance their marketing efforts.

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Why Do You Need a Gym Management Program?

Digital marketing is really important for gym club owners. Take Rochester Athletic Club, for example. After this gym incorporated digital marketing into their business model, they experienced a 10 percent increase in website traffic and a 253 percent increase in page views for their online personal training section.

Now you can replicate the success of Rochester Athletic Club with a gym marketing strategy that incorporates health club management software. Here are three programs that you need to know about in 2019:

1. Glofox

One of the most popular health club management programs on the market, Glofox provides users with an all-in-one solution for scheduling, billing, general member management and, of course, marketing. This program is really easy to use. You can find member information direct from the dashboard and access valuable real-time marketing insights about your health club with a few clicks of a mouse.

Other features include website and social media integration, store integration, and more. This is an awesome tool for converting leads into paying gym members. It's no wonder, then, that some of the country's biggest gyms use this software for lead generation and marketing.


Like Glofox, MINDBODY is a killer marketing tool that converts leads into paying customers. This software bursts to the brim with marketing features. You can send automated emails to gym members and encourage them to attend your health club more often, for example. Other customizable tools let you create marketing campaigns and promotions that will increase exposure in your local area.

As well as marketing and lead generation, you can securely process payments, manage clients and staff, and set appointment reminders. In fact, you'll find everything you need for general gym management. Gyms, sports clubs, and spas around the world use MINDBODY to expedite day-to-day tasks.

3. Pike13

If you want to transform the way you run your gym, look no further than Pike13. You can manage your gym members from one system, create schedules, and facilitate payroll. However, it's the marketing features that you really need to know about. With Pike13, you can create a branded app that your gym members can download onto their smartphone or tablet. As a result, you can send them customized communications and promote your gym-related products and services.

Other marketing tools include attendance tracking, which allows you to discover how many people are visiting your gym — and when. Plus, you can access the latest metrics that provide you with actionable insights into your promotions and marketing campaigns. Find out how many people are engaging with your website content, for example, or how many gym members purchased merchandise from your online store.

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These are just three health club management programs that will revolutionize the way you market your business. If you want to increase leads, compete with your rivals, and increase the visibility of your gym, use one of the tools above.

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