3 Major Ways Social Media Marketing will Continue to Change Through 2017

As we wrap up Q1 of 2017, we’ve been evaluating our social media marketing strategies and their effectiveness these first few months. As a marketer, it’s wise to evaluate your performance and adjust based on your data and experience. If you started new tactics at the beginning of the year, you should start to see results, and from those results, be able to draw conclusions for next steps. As you make some adjustments to your social media marketing plan, follow our lead and work these changes into the remainder of your 2017 social media marketing plan.

The Social Network Merges

Social networks are constantly acquiring new technology, allowing them to do many things, making them a more well-rounded social platform. For example, you can now stream video and use augmented reality on Facebook. Instagram also took a plunge last year into Instagram Stories - a place where you can post as many moments as you wish without including them in your posted photos.

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With the ability to do multiple things on a single platform, your audience may be trending towards fewer platforms. If you are spreading your efforts too thin across multiple platforms because you think your audience is going to different platforms for different reasons, try concentrating your efforts.

Live Content on Social Media

People spend 3x longer watching a live video than one that is not live. A live video automatically insinuates an immediacy effect to viewers. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram also push live content to the top of a user’s feed so marketers are taking advantage of this (free!) premium spot with live video.

Live video also doesn’t have to be as complicated as you may think. Live video is meant to be unedited, instantaneous. Brands have been successful with coming live from an event, a short 3-min. tip of the day, even discussions with key employees - anything your audience would find interesting. Live video increases engagement and builds authenticity.

Shopping & Social Media

In 2017, social media will continue to have a huge impact on buying habits. In this poll, 53% of buyers say Facebook has informed their purchase decisions. It’s no longer just a possibility, brand presence on social media directly impacts sales. In 2017, marketers will focus on the emotions of their audience as well as ways to engage and provide a better experience to their customers. Between influencers and other specific advertising options on social media, your promotion options are endless.

Social media trends are constantly evolving. Keeping on top of the new technology and platforms can be overwhelming. The important thing is that you stick to your plan and remember to focus on your target audience. Social media is more about people and less about the technology than one might think.

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