Black Friday and Cyber Monday Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are fast approaching. Both are opportunities for you to profit from customers who are ready and willing to spend as much money as possible to get that perfect holiday gift. This vast increase in online shoppers is an opportunity to leverage the two biggest shopping days of the year for growing your business via inbound marketing.

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Here are 7 tips to get you going.

1. Prepare your inbound marketing system ahead of time. Be sure you have a way of capturing visitor contact information , as well as a follow-up plan. There are software solutions that make that easy and marketing professionals who can help get you started.

2. Design a landing page that entices people to leave their contact information in exchange for a valuable offer. Create a compelling headline that pulls the reader in, and then use bullet points to present your offer in clear, easy-to-read language.

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3. Design a landing page specific to each day. For example, it’s more effective to have a headline that focuses only on Black Friday, than one that focuses on both days together.

4. Create a unique offer. If you normally use an ebook for your offer, bundle the ebook with a coupon or discount code. Create a sense of urgency by having this special offer end at midnight.

5. Send traffic to your website. People are looking for deals, so offer a coupon or holiday discount. Use digital ads and social media to send people to a landing page on your website.

6. Follow up! Using an automated email system, send out an immediate email that not only provides the offer, but makes it easy for your lead to visualize how awesome it will be to own your product. Focus on their emotions, not their logic.

7. Continue to build a relationship via ongoing email marketing. The emails you send will not be pushy, but will continue to offer value. Focus on how you can help people.

The benefit of this approach is that even after Black Friday and Cyber Monday are but distant memories in the minds of your readers, you will still have ready access to them via their email and will have established a relationship of trust with them.