5 Best Places to Work Remotely in Rochester, MN

Have a ton of work to do, but you need to get out of your house or office? In Rochester, MN, there are tons of great places to sit down and focus on that long, nagging to-do list. Of course, a delicious cup of joe doesn’t hurt. As you may already know, CWS has Office Free Fridays. Each week, our staff is able to work remotely from a locale of their choice. According to some of our team members, here are 5 of the best places in town to work remotely.

Megan Chooses: St James Coffee

St James Coffee has everything I need when working outside the office. When I need to concentrate, I can count on the quiet space and comfortable atmosphere of this hidden gem of a shop. There are always spaces available, and their furniture is great for long hours. Most importantly, I can count on the WiFi (thank goodness!).

I was surprised to find out that St James Coffee is a nonprofit venue employed by volunteers. Every time I go, I am greeted pleasantly and taken care of by the staff each visit. It feels great to support this local shop!

What makes it the best:

  • Nonprofit
  • Organic and environmentally friendly coffees available
  • Available seating

St. James Coffee Location

Chris Chooses: Cafe Steam

Cafe Steam is my go-to haven for perfectly brewed coffee, espresso, and a chill working environment. I enjoy seeing my fellow crowd of coffee house regulars/staff and am never worried about finding a great spot, whether it’s on the comfy couches in back or at one of the many tables up front. The WiFi is reliable, and outlets are conveniently accessible throughout the cafe..

In my opinion, Cafe Steam is the best place for coffee in Rochester; easily. If you are looking to rub elbows with Rochester’s artistic and entrepreneurial movers and shakers, Cafe Steam is the place. In short, it won’t disappoint.

What makes it the best?

  • Exceptional beverages, knowledgeable staff
  • Fun, trendy atmosphere
  • Comfy, spacious seating, accessible outlets

Cafe Steam Location

Ethan Chooses: Caribou Coffee


I worked at Caribou Coffee (AKA The Bou On Two) for a number of years, and I am still a huge fan! The staff genuinely cares about providing excellent service, and that’s exactly what you receive. When I need to play catch-up on my work, I love that I can walk into one of their many Rochester locations, plug in, and plow through tasks. This cafe is fast-paced, but each location has tables set up away from the crowd, so you can work with limited interruption.

Whoops, I forgot to mention how good their coffee is! Their selections are awesome, and everyone can find something they like. If I’ve skipped a meal that day, they have sandwiches and baked goods to break up those longer study/work sessions.

What makes it the best?

  • Convenient locations
  • Awesome customer service
  • Great coffee

Caribou Coffee Location

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Sheryl Chooses: Inta Juice


When I need to work remotely, I don’t always want to fill up on caffeine or sit in a place packed with chatty kathys. Inta Juice provides a unique opportunity to reinvigorate your body and mind with healthier beverage and food options. I feel this natural energy allows me to concentrate for long periods of time. The cafe has plenty of comfy seating, and their WiFi hasn’t let me down yet!

Inta Juice is my top pick for those looking for nutrition along with their extended work session. The best part? They have a parking lot!

What makes it the best?

  • Healthy menu items
  • Convenient parking options
  • WiFi and seating available

Inta Juice Location

Alex Chooses: Dunn Bros. Coffee

Dunn Bros. Coffee is that perfect hybrid of the feel and service of a local cafe while providing many beverage and food options as larger coffee chains. I can spend hours working without dirty looks because there is always plenty of space. Since the kitchen is placed in the corner, the rest of the cafe is nice and quiet. Their drinks are so good, and they have specialty drinks that I haven’t found anywhere else!

I highly recommend working remotely at Dunn Bros. Coffee if you’re looking to focus on your to-do list without the crazy hustle and bustle of coffee chains. Or—if you simply appreciate good food, beverages, and atmosphere.

What makes it the best?

  • Delicious coffee and lunch creations
  • Quiet atmosphere
  • Consistent space available

Dunn Bros Location

Do you agree with our team? What are your favorite places in Rochester to work remotely? If you find yourself in any of these cafes on a Friday, feel free to say “hi” to the CWS team!

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