CWS is a Google AdWords Partner!

How Did We Accomplish This Awesome Title?

To earn our Google Partner status, we had to complete a set of requirements designed to challenge and expand our digital marketing knowledge. With this knowledge, we apply “best practices” to all campaigns we manage.
The Google Partners certification process includes taking and passing (80% or higher) at least 2 tests of 63 to 100 questions each, maintaining a 90-day AdWords spend of $10,000 or more, and applying Google’s best practices throughout the accounts that we manage.
Google Certification Requirements
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All of this is continually tracked and regularly reviewed by Google, and any failure in even 1 of those 3 requirements results in a 30-day notice to comply or be removed as a partner.

What Have We Learned?

The study guide and tests that Google requires cover a wide range of topics. Campaign setup, account management, and optimization techniques are just a few topics covered in-depth. I know from personal experience that the test can be quite grueling, and their questions are designed to make you think deeply and apply a “what’s best for this client” approach every time.
Google has always been good at documenting and providing their recommended best practices for their products. AdWords is no different, and learning their best practices has had an incredible impact on improving client accounts we manage. These best practices focus on expanding ad coverage, increasing click-through rates, and improving quality score. Overall, these efforts are applied to improve a campaign's return on investment and achieve client goals.

Why Hire A Certified Google Partner?

Besides being incredibly knowledgeable in all things AdWords, the clients managed by Google Partners benefit from Google opportunities provided exclusively to agencies with an active Google Partner status. Through our experience and training, we have the tools, knowledge, and creativity to provide top-notch service to all of our clients.
Google Partner Exclusive Opportunities

  • Free AdWords credit (money) for new accounts
  • New features provided to Google Partner accounts first
  • A Google account team to assist on anything AdWords

Other Benefits Provided By Partners

  • Continued keyword and negative keyword development
  • Face to face strategy and brainstorming meetings
  • An expert account strategist

Google will continue to evolve, and they expect their partners to do so also. It is important that any agency you choose is committed to following best practices and maintaining their Google Partner status.

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