Make Your Website Your Best Salesperson

Your sales team is valuable (especially if you're the only one selling), but it's easy to ignore the most important salesperson on your team—your company website. Most websites are allowed to do as little work as possible, and when a prospective client comes to visit, all it does is hand out a brochure and then never contacts the client again. If other salespeople worked like this, they would be quickly fired.

The good news is that your website can be easily redesigned to become a selling machine for you. It can become a valuable asset that continues to work and even provide compound interest. Best of all, your website becomes the brains of a system that works on autopilot 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year after year.

What a Salesperson Website Does

A salesperson website does more than act as a brochure, it is interactive and engaging. It lets you know right away that you’ve arrived at the correct place, and then it welcomes you with open arms. It doesn’t waste your time or make it difficult to find what you need. Instead, it anticipates what you need and gives it to you right away.

Here’s a brief look at what you can do to turn your website into your best salesperson:

  1. Write short articles for specific types of buyers
  2. Post these on your website
  3. When the buyer reads your article, they can sign up for additional information
  4. Once they sign up, they become part of your sales funnel
  5. Automatically send them more information on a regular basis
  6. Let them choose when they’re ready to talk to you
  7. Use social media to add to this process and make it more effective

This system (called inbound marketing) has proven over and over again to be highly effective. You become a trusted expert, and this system integrates well with your current business model.

An Example of a Salesperson Website

The following blog post is on CWS’s website:

Google: Websites Not Mobile Optimized Will Plummet In Ranking on April 21st

Many people found this page because they wanted to know more about having a website that looked great on smart phones. They did a search on Google, which led them to this specific article. They read the article, found it useful, and then got to the end of the article where they found a link to sign up for a free ebook with related information. This put them into our sales funnel where we were able to automatically send them more information related to mobile websites. By the time they are ready to work with us, we have become an authority in their eyes, someone who provides them with useful information.

Compare this with the pushy telemarketing salesperson who interrupts your dinner and tries to pressure you into listening to their well-practiced speech, which usually provides nothing useful at all. In your prospect’s eyes, would you rather be a welcome guest or an annoying pest?

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Why Most Websites Should Be Fired


Most websites today should be fired on the spot because they don’t do any selling at all. Instead, they sit around all day waiting for a potential customer to find them—and then all they do is hand out a brochure! The potential customer doesn’t receive much value, and there’s no way to follow up or provide more value. You don’t want a lazy employee who just sits around—you want someone who works hard every hour of every day.

It’s Easier Than You Think

To get started, all you have to do is:

  • Add a blog to your website
  • Determine who your main types of customers are and write short articles just for them
  • Create a simple, annotated checklist that provides value for each type of customer

Download this Complete Checklist to Prepare for a Website Redesign

A cross between a worksheet and checklist, the Website Redesign Checklist:

  • Helps you understand the redesign process.
  • Establishes vital information and plan your strategy.
  • Provides free resources and tools to optimize your website.
  • Allows you to achieve your website goals.

Your website is a powerful marketing tool. Be confident in its design and functionality. Download your free copy of the Website Redesign Checklist and get started.

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