Launch: Rochester Area Math Science Partnership


Congratulations to the Rochester Area Math Science Partnership on their new website and mobile environment!

As a non-profit, the Rochester Area Math and Science Partnership (RAMSP) was eligible to apply for the CWS Cares Program. They were awarded 80 hours of the CWS team’s project time.

What is the Rochester Area Math and Science Partnership (RAMSP)?
RAMSP supports and enhances area K-12 public and private school science and math education through collaboration and offerings that benefit teachers, students, and our communities. The organization facilitates professional development forums and related opportunities for educators, data sharing and support for continuous improvement, and more.

The Goal:
“The main goal of the new site was to organize it better and make finding information easier for multiple audiences,” said web developer Joe Milbach. “They also wanted to be able to control more of the site, such as the home page slideshow, navigation, and content found in the side columns. We also provided them with a mobile version of the site to help with accessibility on mobile devices.” An additional goal the RAMSP team expressed was for their site to load quickly.

Our Solution:
A well-organized site with a modern design that serves both those with established ties to RAMSP and those who may be interested in some of the offerings available through RAMSP’s partners and associated programs (students, teachers, parents). The site’s load time was improved in the same manner all sites designed by CWS are: minifying JavaScripts and CSS, loading assets in the proper order, and concentrating external assets to limit the amount of server request.

And the Client Experience:
“In addition to the quality of the end product,” said Richard Bogovich, “CWS impressed by how well it communicated its needs for content and input from us. Without ever feeling pressured, we ended up providing far more content than had been on our old website. The process was a model of collaboration.”

Check out Rochester Area Math and Science Partnership’s new website! Please let us know what you think by commenting below.

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