5 Creative Ways to Spice Up Your Call to Action

A call to action is one of the most important items on your website. Every website has an objective they want their users to complete, be it selling a product or gaining a subscriber. That being said, it is essential to have an effective call to action that catches the eye of your users and it NEEDS to be more personalized than “buy it now” or “subscribe”.

An effective call to action should:

  • Give a proper measurement of your website’s success

  • Be a means of directing your users

  • In the end, convert

So you may be wondering, what is an effective call to action? Here are 5 creative ways you can spice up your call to action on your website.


1. Express a Solution

Before someone is going to click on your call to action, they need to know why they should do so. Identifying a problem that your potential users may have, you need to address them and express the fact that your service fixes their problem.

A simple way of expressing your solution is by listing benefits of your product or service.

A good example of expressing a solution is Spotify. They address on the front page of their website that you can listen to free music on your laptop, mobile, or tablet, anywhere you are.


2. Offer an Incentive

Sometimes benefits aren’t enough. To encourage your audience to complete an action you may need to add some incentive. It doesn’t need to be anything outrageous. Something as small as a 30 day demo or $5 off a purchase, will be enough for them to take action.

An excellent example of using an incentive is Amazon Prime. They allow users to use Amazon Prime for a 30 day trial period. And it works! Amazon Prime has millions of subscribers worldwide.


3. Have a Small List of Possible Actions

A focused call to action is a good call to action. You don’t want too many. Keeping the list between 3-4 separate calls to action will attract target users to their respective actions.

The amount of calls to action is variable, some sites may only need one, but others may have quite a few possible actions.

An example of this would be Elance. On their homepage you can immediately post a job for users to bid on, or workers can register and begin bidding on jobs available.


4. Create Urgency

A clear call to action should immediately identify what the users should do. A few examples of clear calls to action start with : Call, buy, register, or subscribe.

These clear actions encourage your visitors to take an immediate action.

Adding a sense of urgency will also help push your visitors into acting immediately. Some of examples of this are…

  • Offer expires May 1st

  • Get a free gift for a limited time

  • Limited time offer

Sodastream gives an incentive for those who register their Sodastream machine. Although they do not say what the gift exactly is, they offer an incentive for users to register their machine.


5. Make Your Call to Action Colorful and BIG

In order for your users to take action, they have to see it. Using a color different then your website template, almost the exact opposite color, will make your call to action stand out. To make it even more noticeable make your icon big so it is the first thing your users see.

Mozilla has done a fantastic job of having a big, colorful button on their front page!

Take a look at your own website. Can you identify your call to action? Could it use some spicing up? Take the step today and spice up your call to action so you, too, can enjoy increased traffic, sales inquiries, and conversions.