LAUNCH: 4 Seasons Vacations Website


CWS wants to congratulate 4 Seasons Vacations on their new website!

What is 4 Seasons Vacations?

4 Seasons Vacations has been serving Albert Lea, MN and the surrounding area since 1967. They have helped thousands of customers find their dream vacation. From airfare to hotel rooms, 4 Seasons Vacations will take care of everything. 4 Seasons Vacations’ experts will give you a hassle free vacation!

What 4 Seasons Vacations was looking for…

4 Seasons Vacations wanted to update the overall look and style of their website. Their mission was to rebrand their website to be more appealing to a web savvy traveler. They wanted the content to be consistent and informative for the first timers using a travel agency and highlight their large staff of experts.


What CWS did for them…

Sarah Link (Web Designer) and Eric Reynolds (Web Developer) took over as leads on the 4 Seasons Vacation’s project. They were able to create a more up-to-date, visually stunning look to their website. Our team emphasized their beautiful vacation images on every page.

Each 4 Seasons Vacations’ staff member was highlighted in the “About Us” section, detailing each member’s experience and education. They also emphasised testimonials from happy customers in Albert Lea and the surrounding area.

Added into the backend of the 4 Seasons Vacation’s website was CWS’ most advanced, intuitive systems...eCMS (Content Management System). eCMS makes it easy for anyone to update their website in seconds. 4 Seasons Vacations can now add pages, update content, and upload or change images!

Congratulation to 4 Seasons Vacations on the launch of their new website!

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